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Teacher Training

Teacher Training Classes 2011

  • Violin Unit 3 - Edmund Sprunger
  • Mastering the Piano - Jane Kutscher Reed
  • Harp Book 2
  1. Training Eligibility Requirements:
    High school graduation
    SAA active membership
    Every Child Can! course (pre-requisite for Book 1; no audition required)
    Video audition accepted by SAA
  2. Training Prerequisites and Course Order: To take Suzuki teacher training, teachers must be Active members of the SAA. Every Child Can! ECC is required prior to taking Book 1. Courses must be taken in order through Book 2: ECC, Book 1, Book 2.
  3. Audition Requirement: To qualify as a participant in SAA Teacher Workshop unit courses, applicants must submit a DVD, video audition to the SAA, preferably well in advance of taking the course. DVDs should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the course start date, with the required fee and a completed application form. If submitted later than 8 weeks before the course start date, audition results determining participant eligibility may not be available prior to the course and late audition fees will be required with the application. If auditions are not accepted, course work will not be eligible for SAA registration-even if course work was completed. For further information, please see the SAA website atwww.suzukiassociation.org and find the teacher video audition application form and instructions, or call the SAA toll free at 1-888-378-9854 for this form.
  4. Required Course Preparation: All teacher training participants are asked to prepare the repertoire to be studied to the point of fluent performance. Memorization is not required but is recommended. Additionally, participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki's book Nurtured by Love. All participants will be performing Suzuki repertoire and other materials in class. Strings and woodwinds are expected to provide their own instruments. It is recommended that participants bring an audio recorder and a notebook to all sessions. 100% attendance is required for registering the course.

Supplemental Teacher Training Classes

  • Mastering the Piano Series, Jane Kutscher-Reed (for piano teachers)
    Created by Carole Bigler and Valery Lloyd Watts, this course will teach repertoire that appeals to performers and audiences alike. Learn to analyze the best approach to teaching each piece, recognize the teaching points and learn effective ways to make them more easily understood by children. No pre-requisites required. See our website for book requirements.




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