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Enrichment Classes 2011

Student participants in the student classes will have the opportunity to enrich their musical experience with the following enrichment classes. Along with 3 classes in their primary instrument, each student will be able to select 2 enrichment classes to complete their schedule. Siblings can also register for 1 - 4 enrichment classes.


Enrichment classes for PPSI 2011

African Drumming and Percussion
This class will introduce students to African rhythms and drum "songs" on West African djembes, bells, shakers and other world percussion instruments. Through musical games, call and response, technique-building exercises, and drum ensemble rhythms, students will enjoy an adventurous exploration of African percussion traditions. Ages 6 and up.

African Marimba
In this class, we will explore traditional and contemporary marimba music from Zimbabwe and southern Africa, playing the traditional marimbas from Zimbabwe that are so popular these days in the U.S. Andre Mallinger has been a classical marimbist for over 30 years and has played Zimbabwean-style marimba professionally in Colorado for 18 years. Students in her classes enjoy learning fun, lively music taught orally, while challenging their rhythmic and listening skills and playing in an ensemble. Ages: 6 and up.

Art From Around the World
In this class students will explore techniques and materials used by other cultures to make unique and amazing creations. From African Bogolanfini to Japanese Gyotaku we will discover cultural diversity though different art forms. All ages.

Chamber Music Ensemble
Enjoy the art and joy of ensemble playing. For cellist and violist, in Book 3+, violinist Book 4+, pianist in Book 6+. Best efforts will be made to group students by reading and playing level. Ensemble groupings will be dependent on enrollment. Teacher recommendation is required. Extra practice and advanced preparation also required. Extra fee.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Training of the body through rhythmic movement; the senses through intense listening; and creativity through imagination and improvisation in order to enrich and enliven music making. Taught by Jeremy Dittus. Ages 5 and up.

Fiddling Around the World
Emily Bowman will introduce a sampling of traditional fiddle tunes from Ireland, America and eastern Europe as well as explore harmonic and rhythmic back-up in different styles. Violin-Book 1 Minuets and above, Viola and Cello- Book 2 and above.

Blues and beyond
Explore & create on your instrument! This is a fun and interactive class for string players book 2 and up interested in improvisation. The blues is the basis for jazz and rock n'roll; the blues put blue in bluegrass. This class will introduce the basics of the the blues and explore different styles of improvisation

Music Mind Games
Rachel Schott will teach students sophisticated concepts involving rhythm, dictation, note reading and sight singing in the form of imaginative games, making music theory fun and easy. All ages.

Experience the joy and richness of violins, violas and cellos making music together!  Playing in orchestra strengthens ensemble skills, enhances reading skills and expands musicianship. The PPSI orchestra repertoire is geared for students in Books 2 through 5 who are comfortable reading in the keys of D, G, and C major.

Intro to Recorder
Learn to play a wind instrument! This class will have you playing lots of familiar tunes on the recorder. We will learn how to hold the instrument, how to blow and tongue, and over an octave of notes. Come have fun blowing instead of bowing. Ages 5 and up. Must purchase a book on the first day of class.

Renaissance and Baroque Dance
From the rustic Branle and Galliard to the refined Minuet and Gavotte, this class will introduce some of the most common dances and steps of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Come experience the dances of the1500's -1700's and see how knowing the dance effects your playing of it. Ages 5 and up.

Sibling Enrichment
Non-Suzuki siblings can enroll in a maximum of three enrichment classes on a space available, age appropriate basis. Fill out a separate student registration form, pay the family registration fee, indicate "sibling" on the instrument line and number the enrichment choices in order of preference.

Classes for Parents
Attend interesting lectures and videos during the week, while your child is in class, free of charge (unless otherwise specified), presented by faculty and experts in the field.



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